Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Build and Stats

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest RPG game released recently with a mix of reviews from the players. Some players think the game is hard and should reduce its difficulty but some think the difficulty is right. In this guide, you will learn about the best build and stats every player should focus on to make the game easier. 

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First, few things for players to understand before going for the best build and stats:

  1. The best build depends on the individual player and the playstyle they prefer (stealth, Aggressor, deflector, etc) 
  2. The build also depends on the weapons players have unlocked 
  3. The stats also depends on what type of battle players wants and what approach player have during the battle.

Best Stats to focus on in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 

Now let’s start with the best stats players should focus on during their playthrough of the game. The list is divided upon at what stage the player is currently at. 

  1. Best early-game stats  

Players should focus on enhancing the fire Spells as it provides the best early boost in power.\Player can also focus on the Wood spell as it provides the most HP boost with some buffs and nerfs to spirit regens. 

  1. Best mid-game stats 

This is the most tricky stage where players can be confused about what stat to pick. My recommendation would be to pick a playstyle and increase the stats related to that. So for example, if players want to be Agressor, they should focus on making their Attack and spirit regeneration higher as it will provide a boost to short and quick fights. So they should focus on Fire spells and also earth spells which provide a shield to block incoming damage. 

  1. Best end-game stats

So the most necessary stat at this point should be Attack and HP because bosses hit very hard and require players to deal good damage as well. Other than this, players can focus on making their spirit regen faster and deplete slower while guarding. At this players must have a playstyle and already have a set number of abilities they should be focusing on. 

Best Builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 

Now that we have discussed which stats are required at what stage of the game, let us see what the best build for players would be. There is no single best build for every player so I have divided the builds into the playstyle players prefer or like.

For the new RPG players of these types of games, the mix of Attacker and defensive build would be the best as it will help them survive longer while doing good damage. 

Note: Players can mix and match any specific abilities from different builds to match their gameplay.

  1. Attacker Build (aggressive gameplay) 

In this build, the main focus of players should be on the attack and the element which gives a boost like an enhanced attack for a certain time and takes less damage for a certain duration. Players should use weapons which has a high attack speed with high spirit regeneration. The main abilities players should focus on are these:

  • Amplify (Fire)
  • Scorch Spinner (Fire)
  • Life Wither (Metal)
  • Spirit Fervor (Wood) 
  • Focus Zone (Wood) 
  • Cloud Stance (Water) 

Players can mix and match any of the 4 abilities and they will have a fun time attacking and killing many enemies in their way. 

  1. Stealth Build

In this build, players should focus on abilities which give them players advantage in getting the enemies and killing them in one hit. The only drawback is that players can’t use all their stealth abilities against the bosses as they can not go behind the boss without them noticing. The best weapons for this build should be  Halberd and the hammer as they have very high single-strike damage (especially the hammer). But the sets of abilities listed below should help with stealth as well as boss fights: 

  • Unseeable form (water)(best for stealth players as it provides invisibility)
  • Amplify (Fire) 
  • Rock Toughness (earth) 
  • Focus Zone (Wood) 
  • Illusionary shell (Earth) 

Players can choose any of the abilities shown above, Unseeable Form is the best for players who like stealth gameplay. 

  1. Defensive Build (tankers) 

This build is focused on tanking and dealing damage mostly by deflecting the enemy attacks. Defensive players tend to take longer in the fight but they have a higher chance of survival as they can take a few hits and shrug it off like nothing. The best weapons combo for this build would be Dual Sabres and Hammer, Dual Sabres will provide the best chance for deflection and the hammer will provide the best damage in a single strike when the enemy is stunned. These abilities from spells would suit this kind of playstyle: 

  • Enhanced Defense (Earth)
  • Illusionary Shell (Earth)
  • Rock Toughness (Earth) 
  • Scorch Spinner (Fire) 
  • Cloud Stance (Water) 
  • Calamity Bolts (Metal) 

Players can choose any 4 of these abilities shown above and they should also focus on getting more HP stats as it will help in tanking the damage. 

Players can also read about the best weapons and best abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

That’s all the best builds and stats players can focus on based on their playstyle in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more guides and news like this one on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or various other games. 

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