Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Best Weapons Tier List

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the new Dark Fantasy RPG game released recently. The game is all about how players attack with weapons or spells and dodge or deflect the enemies’ attacks. The game is not short of weapons or spells and also provides a variety of weapon types for players to use in battle. This guide will show you the best weapons among those with a tier list dividing the weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

Weapons Tier List in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Before starting the tier list, players should know the criteria by which the tier list is made and here they are: 

  1. The weapon should be easy to use 
  2. Has a good range of Features unique to the weapon
  3. Cost of Spirit (depletion and gaining speed) 

Those are the basis for this weapon tier list and the tier list is distributed into 3 tiers (S, A and B). Also, the weapons inside one tier are not ranked individually. 

S Tier Weapons 

  1. Dual Sabres 

The Dual Sabres is a very easy weapon to use and can be obtained early in the game. This weapon has a very fast strike speed making it a very good weapon for building up the spirit. It is also good for making a long combo streak and not giving enemies much room to attack. It is probably one of the best weapons when used against human enemies. The only drawback of this weapon is that the damage it does on a single hit is very low but it covers that up with the fast multiple attacks. But players who like seeing big numbers probably won’t like this weapon. 

  1. Sword 

The Sword is generally easy to use and has a fast attack speed (slower than dual Sabres). This weapon is very good with long-range thrust attacks and has a huge damage output per strike. The only drawback of this weapon is that it is weak when there are groups of enemies surrounding the players. The cost of the spirit is moderate and spirit building is okay as well. 

  1. Glaive 

The Glaive is an easy weapon to use and has a very large range of attack making it one of the best weapons with a very high single-strike damage output. But the major drawback of the weapon is that it has a slow attack speed and players need to fully commit to killing one enemy and then go to the next. It has a slow spirit rate but doesn’t consume spirit as fast as well so it is balanced in that part. 

  1. Straight Sabre 

The Straight Sabre is an easy-to-use weapon and has a very good attack speed for switching to deflect enemies’ attacks. This weapon provides players with the option to both thrusting and slashing attacks. But this weapon has a few drawbacks, it has low damage on a single hit with a short reach making it bad for passive enemies. Also, it does not affect the spirit of enemies very much. 

A Tier weapons 

  1. Curved Sabre

It is an easy-to-use weapon and can be used as a distance-closer weapon in most scenarios. Its attack speed is ok at best and has a short reach. The damage it does with every hit is low so closing on the enemies is not a good choice with this enemy even tho it is built for it. The consumption of spirit when guarding with this weapon is also high. 

  1. Spear 

The Spear has a very good attack speed with its size it has and due to its size, the range of the weapon is good as well. Though it has good range and attack speed, what it lacks is the damage output it is somehow low compared to the weapons mentioned in the S tier. The amount of spirit depletion while guarding with this weapon is also high making it hard to recommend. 

  1. Hoko Spear

The Hoko Spear took some of the good things about the spear like good effective range, and somewhat good speed and made it a little better in 1v1 situations. Hoko Spear has a very good and fast initial attack as it deals good damage as well but it lacks the free feel that spear gives as it makes you commit to a single enemy.

B Tier Weapons

  1. Halberd 

The Halberd is an effective weapon when used for finishing enemies as it has a good range and high damage per strike but it lacks the speed and makes players commit to a single enemy. (it is a good weapon to deal the finishing blow) 

  1. Staff 

The Staff is an ok weapon with decent attack speed but it lacks the range (despite being big) and has a very low damage per strike making it bad. It is somewhat good against human enemies but not recommended to use as there are better options available. 

  1. Hammer 

The hammer has a very high damage per strike “surprising” but it lacks speed and makes the players vulnerable to counters from enemies. It is good as a guarding weapon tho as the amount of spirit depletion while guarding with a hammer is very low but it loses the high amount of spirit if the enemy blocks the hammer attack. (useful as a finisher and on stunned enemies) 

  1. Dual halberd 

It is a good weapon if players can make a good amount of combos as it has a high damage per strike but it losses its value in a range fight as it has a very low effective range and is extremely slow outside of combos. 

That’s all you need to know about the weapons and their ranking in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more guides and news like this one on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or various other games. 

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