Where to Get the Schematic for the Combination Lock in Atomic Heart- Activate the Cable Car System

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Atomic Heart is one of this year’s most anticipated action role-playing games, released on 21st February 2023. Like every other action RPG, Atomic heart has numerous activities to do, and finding items, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies are the most vital among them. However, if you are doing the ‘Continue Searching for Viktor’ mission and looking for the code to activate the Cable Car system, this guide will help you with it.

How to Activate the Cable Car System in Atomic Heart- How to Open the Lock?

If you have been playing the game for some time, you are probably aware that this game has tons of things to do, and among them, solving puzzles is the most interesting one. The more you progress, the more you will see the locks in the game also has puzzles to solve. Some require you to snap with lights; some want you to match colors, etc. The Cable Car office lock requires you to find a pattern to open the lock.

As you continue searching for Viktor Petrov, the main culprit behind this mess, you’ll eventually arrive at a location where you need to activate the Cable Car service to travel to your destination. Though it will crash in the middle, you still have to activate the service. However, the office door will be locked, and you need to find the schematic to open it.

To proceed, first, open the electromagnetic door by looking up and using the prompted button to adjust the combination. Next, make your way to the left and start progressing until you find the corpse of the Station Master. Beside his body, you’ll find the Schematic drawn on paper.

How to Activate the Cable Car System in Atomic Heart- How to Open the Lock

Memorize the pattern (or check the image above while putting it on the lock), return to the office, and draw the pattern. Open the door and press the instructed button to activate the service. You’ll hear the voice that the Cable Cart Service has been activated. Now, you can sit on the Cable Car to travel to your next destination.

That’s all you need to know about how to activate the Cable Car System in Atomic Heart.

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