How to Find Claire’s Left Leg in Atomic Heart

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In Atomic Heart, players need to find many things throughout their journey, and Claire’s body parts are one the most vital among them. As you start your journey, players will be assigned missions, and completing these missions will help them progress through the story. Claire is a robot you find during your journey, which has all her parts disassembled, and players have to find her parts one by one and get her back to life. In this guide, we will help you know how to get her Left Leg.

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find?

Claire’s Body parts are scattered at different locations, and players need to follow the objective marker to reach those areas to get the parts. Of course, the process won’t be as easy as it seems; there will be enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve to finally reach the destination.

Finding Claire’s Leg is part of ‘The Major, The Witch, and The Warehouse’ mission and as you progress, you’ll eventually come to a door that has a puzzle lock, and you have to match the colors on the lock with the lights on its side to open the door. As you progress, you’ll find a valve in front, and you must use logic while moving the valve. You have to move the valve in a way so there will be a way to progress forward. Check the image below to know which scenery to bring-

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find

Once you get the way to progress, again follow the objective marker, and you’ll reach a hall where you’ll get a valve to rotate the platform in front. You have to bring the platform where you’ll get another valve on the other side. You can check the image for reference-

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find

Now, go to that valve and start rotating it until the below platform comes-

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find

Next, return to the previous valve and rotate it until the platform comes that removes the barrier between the two platforms and allows players to reach the other end. Climb the lockers, and you’ll reach the next section.

Follow the objective marker, and you’ll reach the hall where again, you’ll get a valve. This valve will rotate both platforms. So, rotate it twice, and the second time, as soon as the platform goes down, creating a hole in the middle, jump inside it. Again there will be a valve, and you have to rotate your right side platform to this position-

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find

Once this comes, climb up the blocks to reach the next stage. Again rotate the valve, and your platform will become parallel to the platform on the other side. Climb the yellow pipe and jump to the other side. Now you have come to the Facility’s Service room. Climb up the Stairs, and the Leg will be in the back side of the burned car at the other end of the hall.

Claire’s Left Leg Location in Atomic Heart- Where to Find

That’s all you need to know about the location of Claire’s Left Leg in Atomic Heart. Once you get it, return it to Claire and give it back to her.

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