How to Complete Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart offers a wider combat experience, and you can now test your skills in the newly introduced Polygon Testing Ground. Participating in the testing grounds is a great way to learn how to work the puzzles, defeat enemies, and unlock new upgrades. The first testing ground has a set of three puzzles that you need to solve, and once you do you can unlock a special upgrade. In this guide, we will see how to complete Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart.

How to Complete Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart

You can only get the Testing Ground objective in the very late game, but these optional quests will offer a lot of rewards. Here we will see how to clear Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart.

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You can check the map above to find the first testing ground. To get inside, find a short white tower with a spiral staircase. This is home to the camera terminal, which you can use to deactivate the door. You can spot the terminal on the map as well, symbolized by a white smaller circle and a question mark.

Climb up and interact with the terminal to get access to the camera that is closest to the Testing Ground door. Interact with the camera function to deactivate it and get inside. Take the elevator to the ground floor to start the challenges.

How to Complete the Testing Ground 1 Bronze Challenge in Atomic Heart

At this level, you have to solve the magnetic field puzzle. Climb up the crate on the right side, then look up and zap the magnet with SHOK. The platform will rise to take you to the higher platform above.

Climb on it then zap the red and blue magnets in front of you. Jump down and land on the red platform and climb down. Go forward and get on the red platform ahead, then zap the magnets above you. The crate in front will lift, giving you a way to the exit.

In the next room, go all the way down and climb on the bottom green platform. Look up and zap the magnets to lift the platform, then jump over to the exit.

There is a Lootyagin you can get here. After exiting the magnet field puzzle room, go straight then right. Go through the open door, then head to the farthest door on the left side corridor. You will find a vent that you can get inside.

Once inside the vent go straight > right > left, then fall through the hole and continue left to get out of the vent. Go down the corridor and visit the second door on the left side to come across the Lootyagin, which will contain the Fox Handle Blueprint.

How to Complete the Testing Ground 1 Silver Challenge in Atomic Heart

This is mainly a combat challenge, and after you beat all the enemies, the steel door will unlock. You have to go through the far left door to get to the next level. You will also gain access to the second Lootyagin, head up the stairs, and enter the broken wall. You will find magnets here again, which you need to zap to unlock the door. Keep going till you find a golden door and the Lootyagin inside. You will get the PM – Expansive Converter Blueprint.

How to Complete the Testing Ground 1 Gold Challenge in Atomic Heart

Go back to the magnetic door and zap it to gain access to the right side. There is another magnetic field puzzle. Before you step on any platform, zap the magnets to lower the red platforms. Jump towards the red platform on the right side, then jump to the platform on the left.

Go right again and jump on the red platform to the right, then go down to the bottom red platform on the left. You will find a passive system relay puzzle. To solve it, just move the bottom middle and bottom left relays. Get down and go to the green platform on the right, just behind the relay puzzle. Zap the magnets to go up, then jump across to the exit.

Just follow the corridor till you can spot the last golden door, then head inside to get the KS-23 Extended Magazine Blueprint. Exit the testing grounds to complete it and get the final reward, the Zvedchochka – Reverse Shot Blueprint

That’s all there is to know about completing Testing Ground 1 in Atomic Heart. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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