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Atomic Heart is released only two days back, and players have already started grinding through the game to explore and enjoy the gameplay. However, if you have been curious about the ending of the game, and especially whether the game has any alternative ending, this guide will help you know how the game ends and if there’s any other ending you can choose.

How Does Atomic Heart End? True Ending and Alternative Ending Explained

Nowadays, role-playing games often have different endings, and players are curious to know about them so they can choose a good ending. However, when it comes to Atomic Heart, this game indeed has two endings- a True Ending and an Alternative Ending, but none can be called good. Instead, you can call bad and worst ending.

As the ending approaches, you’ll find yourself with Granny Zina, and there’ll be two options to choose from. Your choice at this point will trigger different endings. For example, if you choose “Whatever, lady… why don’t you show me what’s in that arsenal of yours?” it will trigger the true ending; while choosing “I’m not laying a finger on Sechenov. I’m out. I’ve had enough of this game” will lead you towards the alternative ending. Below we have discussed both endings-

True Ending

How Does Atomic Heart End? True Ending and Alternative Ending Explained

If you choose to get the true ending, you’ll gear up for the final fight and defeat the Twins at Sechenov’s office at his command. However, when you confront Sachenov, you’ll get to know that Charles or Professor Chariton is responsible for everything. Your character will try to throw Char-les off his gloves but can’t do it. Eventually, during a cutscene, you’ll see Char-les become a Jellyman, consuming Sechenov and taking control of everything. Here the ending of P-3 won’t be explained.

Alternative Ending

If you choose to get the alternative ending, P-3 will leave Sechenov and leave. He will rip Char-les off of his gloves and destroys it. His whereabouts after that won’t be known. This ending will not show what happens with Dr. Sechenov.

These are the two endings players can get in Atomic Heart. None of these can be called a good ending. Anyways, you can choose any of these endings you prefer. 

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