Where to Find the Aether Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

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Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 is a video game which was released on April 28, 2022, for PC and console players. The roguelike game succeeds its 2013 prequel called Rogue Legacy, which was a massive hit amongst players. There are plenty of new items in the sequel of the game, and some of them might be a tad difficult to get hold of. This guide will take you through the process of how to get Aether Wings in Rogue Legacy 2.

How to Get the Aether Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

There are plenty of new mechanisms in Rogue Legacy 2, which might be new for returning players as well. It has an all-new art style and difficulty modifiers among other things. Players will get to experience a horde of new enemies and bosses, along with high rewards. 

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With new traits and powerful abilities, players are guaranteed to have a great time exploring the game, as new areas will be restricted until you pass certain levels or achievements. Some things might be tricky to find, but they are well worth it. One of these is the Aether Wings, which is a dungeon artifact.

As the castle is randomly generated in each run, it is difficult to say exactly where this item will be located, but it is usually at the northern side of the castle. Green candles are a hint in the game to signify that there is an artifact very close to you. There will be a statue in the room where you will get the Aether Wings, and you need to talk to them and teleport to a trial of momentum.

To complete the trial, you will need to use the new ability of air dash by combining it with a spin jump. Kill all the enemies to complete the trail, and you will receive the Aether Wings.

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