The Best Castle upgrades to invest in at first in Rogue Legacy 2

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When you start playing the game and your character eventually dies, you get three options to choose from to play on your next attempt. Most of the things you had collected would be lost when your character dies, the only things which will be there with you are the upgrades that you completed and the armor you choose before beginning your journey. This is the upgrade castle that you’ve built by collecting and purchasing different items with gold. Let’s discuss what would be the best upgrades that you can purchase for your castle when you start playing.

What are the best upgrades to invest in at first in Rogue Legacy 2?

Blacksmith and Enchantress:

These are the essential ones that you can unlock first. You’ll find them usually at the bottom and it’s recommended to buy them before you build your castle. The blacksmith will grant you access to the armor and the enchantress unlocks the runes for you to use. It will take time to upgrade your armor and blueprints or find runes when you first start playing. That’s why grabbing the Blacksmith and the Enchantress at the start is very important.

All Classes:

Everyone gains access to the knight, but there are three more classes available to unlock with the castle. The Barbarian, The Mage & The Archer are the three remaining classes. Unlock them in order to increase the number of classes your descendants can take when you choose them after you die. If you have a larger pool of classes, it gives you the flexibility to change your approach to the castle. This also improves some of the anomalies your descendants may have received depending on the class type. 

Foundry (Armor):

You can increase your character’s starting armor in the foundry upgrade which is above the mage class. This will give you extra armor on top of any blacksmith armor that your character is already wearing. A decent amount can be added that will provide you with more health and help you get further into the dungeon.


Fashion Chamber upgrade can be found under the Blacksmith. This will increase the weight of armor your characters can wear. The higher your weight capacity means the more armor your character can wear, which will give you access to the higher quality parts that you’ll find as you go deeper into the dungeon.


You will find the arsenal (increased melee damage) to the left of the Barbarian, and the study room (increased spell damage) is located to the right of the Mage. You can switch between these two.


Your armor will eventually break after your character is hit enough times, and you’ll only have your own health left. To increase the max health of all of your characters, you would want to put more gold in the dining room. This helps you to stay alive through all characters, regardless of their traits. The only thing that it doesn’t help with is when a character has obtained the 150% gold bonus to have the one-hit-kill anomaly.

These are all the castles you should upgrade when starting out in Rogue Legacy 2.

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