What Is Ghostrunner’s FidelityFX And DLSS Video Option

What Is The FidelityFX Option In Ghostrunner

As you browse through the settings of Ghostrunner, especially the video settings, you would notice several unknown terms and features. The game introduces a range of wonderful and new video options allowing players on PC quite a wide scope of customization, but it can be confusing if you don’t know what each setting does. One of the most confusing is the FidelityFX. If you are wondering what is the FidelityFX option in Ghostrunner, this guide is for you. Stick around and we will show you all about the FidelityFX option in the game.

What is Ghostrunner’s FidelityFX Video Option

FidelityFX is an AMD technology that aims to improve the performance of the game without compromising the quality of the visuals. Ghostrunner offers you the following video options and a long list of common graphics settings.

Window ModeBorderless Window/Windowed
Resolution Scale10 > 100
FidelityFX UpscalingOn/Off
FidelityFX Sharpening Scale0 > 100
DLSS ModePerformance/Balanced/Quality

It’s an upscaling tool that sharpens the image. Similar to the DLSS for Nvidia users. The game provides both options FidelityFX and DLSS. You can turn on these options to improve the performance of games. As for FidelityFX, AMD graphics card users can enable this feature, while Nvidia users can opt for the DLSS.

If you system is struggling at 4G, enabling the FidelityFX can boost the FPS of the game by lowering the render resolution. You can adjust the range from 0 to 100. Play with the settings to find the perfect balance.

For Nvidia users, you have three settings for the DLSS mode. Select the one that best suits your system settings.

When to Enable FidelityFX Option in Ghostrunner

If you are struggling to maintain or reach 60 FPS in the game, you should turn on the FidelityFX option. As this is a fast-paced game, 60 FPS is the minimum recommendation to play the game. However, for high-range gaming PCs, you can achieve above 120 FPS with the video option enabled.

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