Fix Ghostrunner UE4 Fatal Error

Ghostrunner is a great game currently topping the sales chart on Steam, but it also has some critical errors like the fullscreen mode missing, stuttering and bad graphics for PS4 players, and a new problem that’s crashing the game – Ghostrunner UE4 fatal error. If you have encountered the error with the game’s Unreal Engine, we have some recommendation that can potentially resolve the issue.  

The UE4 error mostly relates to an issue with the graphics card on your system. When the error occurs, the game will abruptly stop. So, what can you do about the error. Stick around and we will share some solutions to resolve the error.

Fix Ghostrunner UE4 Fatal Error

The primary reason you may be seeing the error is because you have not updated the graphics card driver. Both Nvidia and AMD regularly release updated drivers, so ensure that you have the most recent driver update. Although you can check for the update from Windows, it’s recommended that you either use the GeForce Experience or manually download the update. While installing the update, select clean install.

Sometimes when the graphics card is stressed excessively, you can see the error. Hence, try tuning down the graphics settings and the Ghostrunner UE4 fatal error will be resolved.

If you have overclocked the GPU using Afterburner or any other software, it may also be the cause of the error. Revert the overclock or suspend such programs including the GeForce Experience before you launch the game. You should also try and disable the Windows Game Bar as it can also cause the error on rare occasions.

Factory overclocking can also be an issue, use the same MSI Afterburner to restore the clock speed of the GPU to default.

Another way to reduce stress on the Graphics Card and possibly resolve the Ghostrunner UE4 Fatal Error is to limit the FPS rate. You can do this from the Nvidia control panel. Ideally, you should set it to 60 FPS, but start with 30 and increase after evaluating the game’s performance.

These are all the fixes you can try to resolve the error. If you have better solution share them in the comments.  


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