How To Deflect Bullets In Ghostrunner

Fastrunning and deflecting bullets fired by enemies feels so badass and just one of the reasons Ghostrunner is becoming such a hit with fans. Even with certain glitches in the game like the fullscreen missing for PC and the PS4 stuttering issues, overall the game has had a good start. Knowing the trick to deflect bullets in the game makes the character/you appear so much more cooler and not to mention keeps you from dying (the game works on a one-shot kill mechanism making death all the more likely). But, the bullets don’t get blocked or deflected on their own, you need to attain the ability in the game. Stick around with this guide and we will share tips to get the ability to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner.

You need to know how to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner for specific trophies that require you to kill a large number of enemies by deflected projectiles such as the “Sword to a gunfight,” “I call it luck,” and “Sword to a gunfight” Trophies.

How To Deflect Bullets In Ghostrunner

You can achieve the Deflect ability in Ghostrunner right at the start of the game. Soon after the Tetris puzzle and the following room in Cyber World that gets you the Blink ability, you unlock the ability to obtain upgrades. It happens quite early in the game. After your trip of the Cyber World, your ability to get upgrades will be unlocked.

To deflect bullets, you need to equip the “Deflect” module under the pink category in Upgrade Menu. It’s under the ‘Dash.’ There is also the ability to “Reflect,” the ability can send back bullets to the enemies, which is exactly what is required for the aforementioned trophies. But, there’s a catch, you need to time it right for the mechanism to work.

Deflecting or reflecting the bullet to the enemy does not happen automatically and requires some practice. You have to aim the bullet right as the bullet will go towards the crosshair and not towards the enemy if not aimed right. You also have to time the sword slash. After some practice, you should become perfect and know exactly when to slash the sword to deflect the bullets.

One of the ways you can time the slash is when you notice the pre-blast flames on the enemies; however, that also changes with the distance, so the only way to get it right is practice and practice. Using the same way, you can also deflect projectiles form Shifter enemies.

Besides the above-mentioned upgrade modules, the game also has another called the ‘Boost.’ It also under the Pink category and makes deflecting bullets a little easier. With the module equipped you do not have to time sword slash to be exact. However, it may be some time before the ability is unlocked and if your upgrade tree has the required space. As you complete levels in the game, you unlock different abilities, so check back in the Upgrade menu often to see if there’s anything new.