Fix Ghostrunner Screen Tearing And Stutter On PS4

Ghostrunner is the new cyberpunk, speedrunner, action game that’s topping the Steam and GOG charts. But, early players who jumped to play the game have encountered a range of bugs with the fullscreen missing, low FPS, and other problem. Players on PS4 are having the worst time playing the game with the Ghostrunner screen tearing and stutter, in general just bad graphics. If you find yourself struggling with any of the above issues, we have the fix you are looking for. Keep scrolling to fix Ghostrunner graphics problems on PS4.

Fix Ghostrunner Screen Tearing And Stutter On PS4

Being a speedrunner game, the quality of the graphics and FPS is important. Ghostrunner screen tearing and stutter on PS4 can completely throw off the game experience making progress impossible. Ghostrunner is also one of the toughest games due to its one shot kill. Paired with poor graphics, screen tearing  and stuttering, you will most likely be killed. Hence, you need to fix all graphics card issues and ensure the game runs with full performance.

Players on the standard PS4 as well as the more powerful PS4 Pro are experiencing the problem. If you are one of them here are some solutions you can try.

  1. If you’re reading this post after the first few days of release, it’s likely there is patch released which should address a range of graphics problems as promised by the developers. Ensure that the game is updated. Here is how to do it – From the PS4 Home Screen, highlight the game and push the ‘Options’ button. Select the option ‘Check for update’.
  2. Check that the storage of the PS4 is not full or there is sufficient space. The game recommends you have 22 GB, but even after installing the game there should be sufficient space and the storage should not be full or near full. Have at least 10 GBs to spare.
  3. Supersampling for PS4 Pro users can also cause the Ghostrunner screen tearing and stutter, you should disable Supersampling. You can do it from Settings > Video Output Settings > Supersampling Mode. Try to disable the mode and check if that improves the performance of the game.
  4. In Safe Mode, try to rebuild the database. The file structure of the device can clog overtime and can cause problems. You will not experience any data loss by rebuilding the database of the PS4.
  5. Enabling the Boost Mode in PS4 can help improve the performance of certain games. It will lead to a more variable FPS but can improve the performance.

If the above solutions have failed to resolve the Ghostrunner FPS drop and poor graphics issue, you may have to wait for the developers to address it with a patch. Fortunately, the developers are aware of the issue and replied to a thread on Twitter. Here is what they had to say to a feedback about the game’s performance on PS4, “Runner, thank you for your feedback. We are working on a patch that will fix this issue. Sorry for that, Keymaster forces must messed up our software.”

Even though we have the assurance of a patch, there is no date shared, which can be frustrating when other on PC and Xbox are enjoying the game. Just so you know, the game on PC does not have the fullscreen mode, which would also be fixed in a patch.

We hope the above solutions have worked to fix your problem, if not you may want to play some other game in the meantime the developers release a hotfix. For updates on the issue, look at the comments section.

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