What are the Best Classes in Rogue Legacy 2?

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Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 is a video game succeeding its 2013 prequel called Rogue Legacy. The full version has been released on April 28, 2022 for PC and console players. This guide will take you through the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2.

Which Class Should You Play As in Rogue Legacy 2?

There are plenty of classes in the game, each of which is unique with its set of abilities and skills, and we will be discussing only the best ones. Some definitely have an edge over the others, which is visible as you play the roguelike game. The main things you should be looking for are a high reserve of health as well as useful skills.

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Rogue Legacy 2 has the possibility to create every type of character that you can dream up, because each one is a descendant of your previous character, which adds a certain level of unconventionality to the gameplay and narrative. All the traits and skills of the new character are randomized, so it’s important to choose your initial characters well. Note that you will have little control over which traits their descendants will receive.


The Rogue Legacy 2 Valkyrie is one of the most ideal characters to start with as they have a high health pool of Vitality * 8.5 + 100, which is their maximum health. With the passive skill of Battleborn, they have a 5% Magic Critical Chance and +10% Magic Critical Damage. Their weapon of choice is the Fauchard, and they can Deflect by spinning their weapon to destroy projectiles and deal damage to nearby enemies.


The Boxer has a maximum HP level of Vitality * 10 + 100, and with their passive skill of Deft, they can pass through enemies which aren’t in the attacking state. Using Boxing Gloves, the Boxer rapidly punches your enemies by stacking Combos to deal more damage. The talent of Knockout Punch allows the Boxer to send large opponents flying.


While the Astromancer has a relatively low max HP of Vitality * 6 + 100, they have a staggering 200 Max MP to deal damage with. With their passive skill of Grand Vision, they can gain 20% more Intelligence and get Mana in exchange for damage dealt. An Astromancer’s weapon of choice is the Celestial Sceptre, and they can create a large black hole to deal damage to surrounding enemies. Comet Form is their talent, which lets them gain the abilities of Flight, increased speed and Damage Immunity.


The Chef has a max HP of Vitality * 7 + 100, but the same MP as that of the Astromancer. They can burn enemies with their passive skill of Artisan, attacking with the Frying Pan. Their Talent Stew lets the Chef restore Health and Mana, which healing scales with Intelligence. However, the amount of Mana restored is always 100 MP.

Combinations of these classes have the possibility to bring about the best playable characters in the game Rogue Legacy 2.

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