Warzone 2 is Coming Out in 2022—Infinity Ward Confirms

It has been confirmed that Warzone 2 will be an extension of Modern Warfare 2, so it is speculated that Warzone 2 will be out close to the release date for MW2.

Currently, there is no fixed date for Warzone 2’s release, but according to the official Call of Duty blog, both games are expected for release in 2022. While Modern Warfare 2’s official release date has already been announced, we can expect Warzone 2 to follow suit. 

Modern Warfare 2 is Infinity Ward’s most anticipated title, a reboot from the classic Modern Warfare, released back in 2019. The game will feature new gameplay mechanics, features, and maps that players can explore. Warzone 2 might seem like a sequel to CoD: Warzone, but it has been confirmed that Warzone 2 will be a standalone title. Most of the gameplay mechanics and features have been borrowed from Modern Warfare 2 itself, so player progression and inventory from Warzone will not be carried over. 

Nevertheless, fans will have their hands full before the year ends with two new titles and a lot of features to explore. While both titles will have separate release dates, they can expect them to drop both before the year is over. Warzone 2 will have evolutionary Battle Royal and a new play space, as well as include plenty of post-launch content.

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