Warzone Progress and Inventory Won’t Transfer to Warzone 2—Activision Confirms

Warzone 2’s release date is not announced yet, but fans are buzzing to know the details and rumors surrounding the game’s progression and inventory. 

CoD Warzone 2 was rumored to be a standalone game, so there was a chance that progression and inventory from the previous Warzone title will not be carried over to the new game. This rumor turned out to be true, as Activision themselves have stated that players would have to progress through the game from scratch. 

From the official Call of Duty blog page, when talking about Warzone 2, they have stated that the game will be an extension of Modern Warfare 2, with new technology, features, and gameplay. Because of this, progression from Warzone has been reset, along with the inventory, so players cannot carry over anything from the previous title to the upcoming one. 

Irrespective of that, players are still wondering what the gameplay will hold in Warzone 2, since not much information is released on it. Hopefully there are new exciting maps and gameplay modes to explore. 

For players who are wondering about the future of Warzone itself, the game will stay intact for all, and anyone who wishes to switch from one game to another can do so, since they are not interlinked by story or gameplay in any form. 

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