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Upcoming Events in Genshin Impact Post Version 3.2 Leaked

Upcoming Events in Genshin Impact Post Version 3.2 Leaked

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 recently ended the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event and players loved it for its fresh feel and Pokemon-like tournament format. Players who miss it already and are looking forward to having them as pets may not have to wait long for a continuation of this story. This article lists upcoming events in Genshin Impact post Version 3.2.

Genshin Impact Events Post Version 3.2

Genshin’s upcoming events all have a casual feel to them and it makes us wonder if Genshin is gradually but surely moving away from its hardcore combat-based events. We’ll have to wait for these Versions to actually drop to be the judge of that.

Akitsu Kimodameshi

In Version 3.3 of Genshin Impact, Travelers will take part in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event in Inazuma along with Itto. It’s already been leaked as a test-of-courage event that will reward players with a new 4-star sword that has Inazuman (or Japanese) youkai themes. Recent leaks reveal some additional details about this event.

According to the leak, the event will involve a brick-breaker minigame with elements and elemental reactions involved. Players will be in control of the elements and they can cause reactions to quickly clear as many bricks as possible. Until now we didn’t know the nature of this event but with this leak, we now have a ground to stand on. 

Across the Wilderness

This event also comes in Version 3.3 and it’s all about balloons- not shooting them but catching them.

This event spans the entirety of the main continent as Inazuman locations aren’t mentioned. Players will likely have to use wind currents to get high and then drop down while collecting the most balloons they can. Since this event also allows for a 2-person co-op, players can expect to enjoy this with their friends. 

Fabulous Fungus Frenzy Rerun

This event is leaked to be having a likely rerun in Version 3.5 of Genshin Impact.

Since it’s having a rerun so soon, we can expect a solid continuation of the story and hopefully, we can even keep Bongo Head as a permanent pet.

Windtrace Rerun

This famous event is leaked to be having a rerun around Version 3.3. There will be some interesting changes next time for both Hunters and Rebels

The next Windtrace will add something called “Beacons” which will have special abilities and one of the new abilities Hunters get is the Omnidirectional Net to counter it. 

Meanwhile, the Rebels will have access to Stealth Beacon and Illusory Beacon. The Stealth Beacon makes every Rebel invisible within a certain area but the Illusory Beacon is the really special one as you can interact with it only from Spectator Mode- that is after you’ve been caught. 

Earlier players who were caught ad Rebels had to just wait and watch as the match ended without being able to do anything. In the next rerun of the event, this will change as even Spectators will now have something to do and they can help their allies even though they’ve been caught.

The upcoming Windtrace rerun event will also have Sumeru locations among its list of arenas so players can start planning their disguise strategies already based on common Sumeru items. Pairing up these Beacons with other abilities will make for some really interesting and revolutionary gameplay and we can’t wait to see them.

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