The Xbox Series S is Selling for an Impressive ₹5,000+ Off!

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The Xbox Series S has been the highest-selling console for Microsoft. It is cheaper than the PS5 Digital Edition and has been built for lower resolution, preferably 1440p, gaming.

The console comes with all next-gen features like ray-tracing, support for high poly meshes, and 120 FPS gaming. It promised all of these features at a decent price tag of IN₹ 34,990. In contrast, a decent gaming PC that packs the same power will cost you over IN₹ 90,000. The PS5 Digital Edition is priced at IN₹39,990 and the Xbox Series X and the PS5 Disc Edition come at IN₹49,990. This had made the Series S the best-selling console in India for almost the entirety of last year until PS5 availability caught up.

Currently, the Xbox Series S makes even more sense as it is available for a massive discount over at Flipkart. It is available for IN₹ 4,991 lesser than its base price. This discount brings its price down to IN₹ 31,499. However, if you own an ICICI Bank credit card, you will have to pay an impressive IN₹ 29,499.

However, the discount is available only for today (May 29th, 2022). So, if you intend on securing a budget console for your gaming needs, this is your best bet.

The Xbox Series S is a great option for budget gamers because no other machine at its price point can play games as smoothly. The console will also be supported for the entirety of ninth-generation video games and a couple of years into the tenth generation. This means games will be optimized to run on this thing until 2030. This makes it an even better choice.

Xbox also has the Game Pass subscription. Players who will game only on their console can pick up the Standard Edition of the subscription for around 450 rupees a month. This subscription comes with hundreds of games to choose from, with new games being added every 15 days. Game Pass also has introduced access to the base version of the EA Play subscription, thereby increasing its library further.

However, if you get a Series S and intend on playing online games like Grand Theft Auto Online, you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Two monthly games are also given away for free along with this subscription. It comes bundled with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. However, unless you intend on gaming on a PC simultaneously, Ultimate does not make sense in India.

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