Should You Pick Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail has been running for a few weeks now, and players have been grinding through the game to explore all features. Within a few days of the game’s first release, the developers declared the game’s first update. The 1.1 update brings tons of things to the game, including new characters like Silver Wolf. Players have already seen her in the opening tutorial of the game, though her screen time is less. So, you may get confused about whether to pull for Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will help you with it.

Honkai Star Rail Choice Guide- Pick Silver Wolf or Not?

The 1.1 update in Honkai Star Rail is bringing lots of new things to the game, including new characters. As an action RPG, Honkai Star Rail has numerous enemies to fight with, and not all are equally powerful. Some are more powerful than the rest. So, players also need to make a powerful team of the most potent characters.

In her short appearance in the opening tutorial of the game, Silver Wolf has shown her potential and attracted the attention of the players. So, players should definitely pull for her when she is the confirmed character to come in Honkai Star Rail update 1.1. we recommend not avoiding this massively potential character in the game, especially when there are not many Quantum characters. Well, it will be wrong to say that there are not many Quantum characters, but they are five-star characters that you can’t access easily. So, it is better not to miss Silver Wolf.

Honkai Star Rail Choice Guide- Pick Silver Wolf or Not

In the tutorial, we have already seen the battle skills of Silver Wolf, and according to us, she is perfect to make a powerful team. Her battle ability can weaken and destroy the opponent. She is a debuffer with the ability to attach a weakness to the enemy selected from any of her team members.

As a five-star character, Broyna is already broken and can’t be used effectively in battles. In that case, having someone like Silver Wolf to manage the situation is better. There will be two more Quantum Characters with Silver Wolf, but they will be five-star characters. So, you can’t get them easily.

That’s all you need to know about whether to select Silver Wolf or not in Honkai Star Rail. There are rumors that Silver Wolf will get nerfed, but we still consider her one of the most potential Quantum Characters in the game.

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