How to Get and Use Superimposer in Honkai Star Rail

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In action RPGs, enemies play a vital role, and as you start progressing through the game, you must need powerful weapons to deal with enemies. Initially, the weapons you get can’t be powerful enough to deal damage to the later enemies. So, you must upgrade your weapons and equipment to damage enemies. This guide will help you know how to get Superimposer to upgrade Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Superimposer Acquiring Process- How to Get?

If you have been progressing through Honkai Star Rail and facing challenging enemies, you must upgrade weapons and equipment. If you want to upgrade your Light Cones, Superimposer is what you need. Though Superimposer can upgrade other equipment, too, it mainly upgrade Light Cones.

As the game starts, players will come across various Light Cones, and Superimposer helps players to combine these Light Cones and get a passive effect. So, it is indeed an effective item to get, and if you are unaware of how to get Superimposer, let me tell you that players need to purchase it from Herta’s Store at Herta Space Station. It requires 2 Herta Bonds.

Honkai Star Rail Superimposer Acquiring Process- How to Get

Now, if you are unaware of the use of Superimposer, check out the steps below-

  • Open your Menu
  • Select the Light Cone you want to Superimpose
  • Click on Enhance
  • Choose Superimpose

It will let you lose the Light Cone, but you will get new abilities. However, be careful, as not every Light Cone can be Superimposed. Only three Light Cones- Cruising in the Stellar Sea, On the Fall of an Aeon, and Texture of Memories, can be Superimposed.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and Use Superimposer in Honkai Star Rail. Superimposing is the one and the only way to upgrade low-level Light Cones.

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