How to Reroll in Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail is one of the latest released fantasy role-playing games by HoYoverse. Since the game was released, players have dived into it to explore its features and gameplay. However, whenever new games come, players have tons of queries related to the game Honkai Star Rail is no exception. One of the most frequently asked queries while playing Honkai Star Rail is how to reroll characters. So, this guide will help you know how players can reroll characters in Honkai Star Rail.

Does Honkai Star Rail have Reroll Feature? Answered

Honkai Star Rail was released a few hours back and has earned considerable popularity among players. If you are playing the game, it is natural that you are confused about certain features, and one of them must be the reroll system. Players love to play games with their favorite characters, but when you randomly get your initial character, and it is not the one you need, players may want to reroll it.

Rerolling is a common feature in video games, and often players use this feature to start a new game. In Honkai Star Rail, the pulls reveal random characters, and there’s a slight chance that you get a four or five-star character in the beginning. So, if you want to start with a five-star character and don’t get it on your first attempt, reroll is the only option left. The character selection comes after a long prologue and tutorial section. So, if you don’t like the character, follow the below steps to reroll-

  • Log out of the account you are presently playing
  • Create a new account with a new E-mail id.
  • Go through the Prologue and Tutorial to get the Pull
Does Honkai Star Rail have Reroll Feature? Answered

Basically, to reroll, you have to begin a fresh game from a new account. You can’t deactivate or delete your previous account, so you can’t use the same account twice. Also, rerolling takes a long as you have to go through the prologue and tutorial part each time before you get the character; moreover, there’s no surety that you’ll get a five-star character during reroll. So, rerolling will be a lengthy process without any guarantee of getting your desired character. You may get the same character repeatedly because the Pull is random.

That’s all you need to know about rerolling in Honkai Star Rail. If you don’t want to waste time, it is better not to go for rerolling.

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