Persona 3 Portable Ending Explained

 Persona 3 Portable Ending Explained

Persona 3 Portable is continuing the trend of the Persona series by having multiple endings. Persona 3 Portable is a JRPG so it has all the story, grinding and epic battles, that players expect from JRPGs and Persona Series. 

Persona 3 Portable has 2 ending- a good one and a bad one. Both endings are easy to get and it all depends on one decision players have to make. Portable cuts out some of the story from Persona 3 but it mostly has the same ending. 

In this guide, you will only learn how to get both endings. This guide will be spoiler free as much as it can be so that the new player will experience the full story as much as possible. 

Persona 3 Portable endings 

Unlike other Persona series games, Persona 3 Portable only need a single choice that will separate the ending from a good ending to a bad one. 

For the players of other Persona Series games, it might not sound interesting but the story is very good to follow and the single choice to decide the ending is something else. 

So to clear the bad ending out of the way, let’s start with how a player can get the bad ending. 

Note: it is recommended that a new player should make the right choice and see the true and good ending as it is somewhat of a spectacle to watch. After watching the good ending and clearing the game they can keep an extra save file to watch the bad ending. 

Without spoiling much, players will be given a choice at the end of December, the choice is whether to kill Ryoji or keep him alive. It will be a difficult choice as Ryoji has been with the player from start and now we have to decide whether he lives or not. If the player decided to kill Ryoji, they will experience a bad ending to the game. After that choice game story will be short so choose it carefully.  Point to remember that the other aspect of the game will not change and continue as usual. 

Now for the good ending, If the player decided to save Ryoji, even tho he will try to pursue you to make the decision of killing him, you will get the true ending. After making this choice of whether to kill Ryoji or not, the game doesn’t have any other choice which will influence the ending so choose whatever you feel like. 

Without spoiling much, the true ending will see the protagonist make their way to the top of Tartarus and fight the final boss of the game. After defeating the boss with the power of links, the protagonist created with the party member, all the characters meet each at the top of the tower as they promised at the start. The story continues after this point but it will spoil the crucial moments of the story so I am skipping it.  

I skipped most of the story and some details so that players can experience it themself. The ending is truly influenced by a single decision so choose wisely. My recommendation is to get a good ending because the story is worth watching. After getting the good ending players can load the game before the choice and experience the bad ending as well.

If you find this guide on Persona 3 Portable endings helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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