How to Increase Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

 How to Increase Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable is the new version of Persona 3 made for modern platforms. Persona 3 portable also brings the social stats that need to be levelled with the progress players make. 

Unlike previous Persona games, Persona 3 Portable only has 3 social stats that can be maxed during the playthrough. The three social stats in Persona 3 Potable are as follows:

  1. Charm
  2. Courage 
  3. Academics

Social Stats are one of the core mechanics in Persona 3 Potable and in this guide, you will learn how to increase your social stats and what rewards they give. 

How to increase Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

In order to increase their social stats, players will need to take their time interacting with the NPCs and receive the rewards. Unlike other Persona series games, Persona 3 Portable only has 3 social stats: Academics, courage and charm. Players will need to max them out in order to get the maximum bonus. 

There is less possibility that a player will max all the social stats in a single playthrough of the game but it is certainly not impossible. Now let’s see how you max each of the social stat in Persona 3 Portable.


The most efficient way to increase the charm in the game is to go to the movies on Wednesday or Thursday. Players can also visit Chagall Cafe and drink coffee to increase their charm as well. The list of things players can do to increase their charm stat:

  • Score the best marks during exams in school.
  • Eat tuna at Hagakure
  • Watch movies on Wednesday or Thursday
  • Regularly drink coffee at Chagall cafe or even work at the cafe.
  • Visit the arcade regularly and play print club


Courage is the easiest social stat that players can max out in the game. All players need to do is get 80 points and they will max out their courage. Players can also follow the list below to get Courage points:

  • Work at Chagall cafe
  • Visit the arcade and play Horror house 
  • Eat a mystery burger at Wild Duck Burger
  • Watch movies on Monday or Tuesday
  • When sick drink mysterious concoctions at the school infirmary


The hardest social stat to max is Academics in Persona 3 Portable. Players need to do certain specific things that will improve their academic stat and here are as follows:

  • Study in the school library
  • Study during nighttime 
  • Study on Sundays
  • Stay awake during classes
  • When visiting the arcade play quiz games
  • Buy sushi at Wakatsu Restaurant
  • Work at Be Blue V or Screen Shot

That’s how a player can increase their social stats in Persona 3 Portable. By increasing their social stat player can increase their chances of rewards received during the progress. 

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