Shuffle Time Guide Persona 3 Portable

 Shuffle Time Guide Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable is the new Persona game which has reinvented the series in its own way. The game is now available for modern platforms with Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 3 Portable has shuffle mechanics called Shuffle Time (which happens occasionally) which occur after the battle is won. Shuffle time allows players to select a card and obtain rewards based on the cards which were chosen. 

It sounds simple but there are many mechanics and implications that players need to understand. In this guide, you will learn those. 

Shuffle Time Guide 

Shuffle has a certain possibility to happen after every battle. There are certain criteria which can improve the chance of getting shuffle time in Persona 3 portable and they are as follows:

  • If the players end the battle with an all-out attack, the chances of shuffle time are increased. 
  • If the players end the battle with the main protagonist delivering the finishing blow without an all-out attack, the chances of shuffle time are higher. 

After getting the shuffle time by following the above methods or regular battle win. Players will be given a choice to select the card they want but in shuffle time cards are shown at the start for some time and then flipped and shuffled around. To get the cards players want they need to follow the cards and pick them up. 

New personas can only be obtained during shuffle time so players should try their best to get them. All the cards in shuffle time are also good for the players in some way or another but there is the card with Skull and crossbones on it which is very bad for the players. By picking the card with Skull and crossbones, players will decrease the time to reach the level where the reaper is. There are ways to avoid reaper or the effects of this card by simply changing your level (next level or previous level).

Shuffle time is the only way players will get personas cards in this game. For each level on Tartarus, there are various personas that can be encountered in the shuffle time. 

A card with a red sword provides weapons, a card with a green wand provides EXP, a card with a blue cup provides a Health point or Skill point and a card with a gold coin provides yen. There can be a maximum of 10 icons on the card, the more icons on the card the more rewards. Getting max 10 icons will provide triple the usual amount of rewards from the cards. 

That’s how a player can increase the chances of Shuffle time in Persona 3 portable but can also remember the rewards they can get from the cards. 

If you find this guide on Shuffle Time Guide Persona 3 Portable helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news. 

Shubham Chaurasia

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