New Legendary Weapon Ignition Deepcrusher in Deepwoken

Shubham Chaurasia
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With the recent update of Deepwoken, there are many amusing and exciting content has been added to the game like new magic (Ironswing Magic), a new legendary Sword (for Light magic) and even many other things. The legendary weapon is called Ignition Deepcrusher and is for the new magic released in the game. This guide will tell you all about the new Legendary weapon ignition Deepcrsuher on Deepwoken. 

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New Legendary Weapon Ignition Deepcrusher in Deepwoken

Players can get their hands on the new Legendary Weapon called Ignition Deepcrusher, players need to follow these steps: 

  1. Players need to make their way to the Depth layers 2
  2. Players can use the whirlpool to enter the depth without needing to die as they need to carry certain materials 
  3. Players will need 60 mediums and 74 metal to equip the weapon 

The new thing about this legendary weapon is that it can change weapon type. It can change weapon type from heavy weapon to medium weapon. This unlocks the way to deal with different scenarios much better than other weapons. 

After hitting the other players with the hammer mode, players can apply the rod to them and now players can grab them and send them flying towards you by pressing X. 

After hitting the enemy with Sword mode, players can apply the bleed to them and now players can stack the bleed up to a certain range. Players can upgrade the weapon as well to make it even better. 

That’s all you need to know about New Legendary Weapon Ignition Deepcrusher in Deepwoken.   If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Deepwoken and various other games.

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