My Time at Sandrock – How to Get Rubber

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My Time at Sandrock was released only a few days ago and has already attracted the players’ attention worldwide. It is the second installment in the ‘My Time at’ series of Pathea Games. Set in a Desert, this game takes players through various missions, and they need to create multiple items to progress through the game.

This guide will help you know how you can get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Rubber Guide – How to Make?

Rubber is one of the most challenging items to find in My Time at Sandrock. They can be found only in a handful of places, but there is no certainty that you’ll get enough Rubber. So, it is best to collect Rubber Scraps and process them to get Rubbers. Rubber Scraps are collected from the junk piles of some particular areas like the Eufaula Desert, The Breach, and the Eufaula Salvage.

These areas contain either Normal Junk Piles or Rubber Junk Piles. No matter which Junk Pile you find, use your Pickhammer to break the pile, and these piles will give you Rubber Scraps. If you don’t know how to make a Pickhammer, let me tell you. Pickhammer requires 2 Woods and 4 Stones to be crafted.

Once you get the Rubber Scraps, you need a Recycler to get Rubbers from them. Crafting a Recycler requires 2 Grinding Saws, 2 Stone Trough, and 3 Wood. Take these items to the Assembly Station to construct a Recycler. When the Recycler is ready, take it and place it in your Workshop. Put the Rubber Scraps into the Recycler, and after some time, you’ll get Rubber. Though the process will take a few minutes, it is the only guaranteed way to get Rubber in My Time at Sandrock.

That’s all you need to know about getting Rubber in My Time at Sandrock. If you are looking for a guide to get the process of collecting Rubber, check out our guide for help.

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