Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Dodge

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Most of the gameplay in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) revolves around offence and defence, there isn’t a whole lot more you can do in the game. The story is based on defeating one monster and getting to the next, but in between defence and offence, there are so many intricate things you need to master to become a perfect hunter and that’s the fun bit of playing this game. Knowing how to dodge and roll in the Monster Hunter Rise is something you will need to master as you start the game. It’s not difficult at all once you known the buttons and a few tricks. So, here is what you need to know to dodge in MHR.

How to Dodge and Roll in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

There are several ways to dodge in Monster Hunter Rise from the basic dodge roll to emergency dodges.

Basic Dodge Roll

You staple way to dodging attacks in the game would be the dodge roll that uses the B button and the Left Analog Stick. Hold the B button and use the L to point to the direction you want to dodge roll. You will be using this move more often than the rest to dodge attacks from monsters. However, every time you do it a certain portion of the stamina would be spent. Most monster in the game with a tail have sweeping attacks, if timed correctly, you can use the dodge roll to evade those attacks, but it will take mastering.

Forward Lunge

Another way of dodging the monster’s attack requires the weapon to be sheathed. This move is especially effective when the monster is performing an area attack and you need to get out of the radius or the monster is coming at you and you need an extra jump forward. To perform the move, ensure that the monster is at your back, and press R to sheathe the weapon and sprint forward. Now, press the B button to perform the move. So, the steps to follow here are.

  • Press R and run in the opposite direction of the monster.
  • Then, press B to form the forward jump.

The benefit of this dodge is the immunity time between the time you press the B button and rise again. However, if the monster comes at you again, you will quickly have to deploy the dodge roll again to evade the second attack. Like everything else in the game, it also needs some practise to master.

Wirebug Dash

A lot of new moves have been introduced to the game thanks to the Wirebug mechanics. While the Wirebug is great for attacks, it also includes moves that can help you evade attacks. There are various type of dashes you can perform with the use of Wirebug to dodge attacks in Monster Hunter Rise such as:

  • Press Zl + A to quick dash to another area in the direction you are facing. With this move you can quickly reposition yourself or dodge an attack.
  • Pressing ZL + X on the ground, will dash you upwards in the direction the hunter is facing. With this move, you can reposition yourself or get an aerial advantage.
  • ZL + ZR also launches the hunter to the air, but with greater precision. The hunter will dash to the direction of the reticle. The ZL + ZR can be used in conjunction with ZL + X and ZL + A. This will allow you to perform additional moves and maintain quick mobility.
  • Using the ZL + ZR and ZL + X will allow you to remain in air for longer, while the ZL + ZR and ZL + A will pull you directly to the ground after launching into the air.

Using the dash ability of the Wirebug, you can easily dodge in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

Besides the above, there are class combos and armor buffs that allow you to evade attacks in Monster Hunter Rise.

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