Kirara’s Best Team Comps in Genshin Impact Version 3.7

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The cat is finally out of the box in Genshin Impact Version 3.7 and she’s taken over the community by storm. Despite being a slow and arguably a bad patch, Kirara has single-handedly kept players interested in the game with her fantastic character design and fresh kit. She is one of the best 4-stars to come out in recent history and this has players elated.

In this article, we’ll explore the best team comps suited for this catgirl and also discuss why other comps aren’t as good for her. Without further ado, let us begin.

Kirara’s Best Team Comps in Genshin Impact 3.7

Kirara is a Dendro shielder with poor Dendro application. Her Dendro application lacks range and consistency. Since she’s also a shielder who’s fantastic at tanking Dendro DMG, her best team comps are usually Quicken and Bloom and Burgeon team comps. 

The Quicken reaction doesn’t need frequent application of the elements to maintain the Quicken state. The reason she only fits into Bloom and Burgeon is that those are the only teams that are most prone to damaging your own character and thus require you to use a shielder. 


In a Burgeon team with Thoma, Kirara’s shield can help fortify Thoma’s one since Thoma will be built with triple-EM and thus he will lack the necessary HP to make a good shield. You can use a Hydro main DPS for this team like Ayato or Childe or you can go for Normal Attack Hydro appliers like Yelan or Xingqiu. You can also play it safe and bring a Hydro healer like Kokomi or Barbara since Burgeon explosions cause more self-damage than normal Bloom cores.


Kirara has a flexible spot in any Bloom team as she can effectively replace the healer slot since Bloom teams don’t need the excessive healing some healers provide. With a Kirara, you can build your Kokomi or Barbara with a full EM set without worrying about survivability.


Since Kirara’s Dendro application isn’t consistent, you can swap out after you’ve applied Dendro with her E skill and go back to using your Electro or Dendro teammates for Spread or Aggravate reactions. Since Quicken persists on the enemy for a long time, Dendro or Electro needn’t be applied frequently and consistently for you to do damage. Kirara pairs up amazingly with units like Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun and so on. Even units like Tighnari and Alhaitham will appreciate the interruption to resistance when doing their combos.

While she’s a perfect fit into any Dendro team, she’s also an amazing shielder and you can use her in just about any team comp without reservations. If you don’t want her Dendro element to play too big of a role then you needn’t even use her elemental burst and you can just ‘hold’ her E skill, hit the enemy thrice for the full stack of shields and then swap out to your other units. Use her any way you feel like.

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