Kirara’s Kit and Constellations Explained in Genshin Impact Version 3.7

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Kirara is finally out in Genshin Impact Version 3.7 and she is a cheerful and energetic girl who loves to deliver packages for Inazuma’s Komaniya Express and explore new places in the process. She uses a sword as her weapon and can create shields that protect her and her allies from harm. She can also enter a state of enhanced mobility and agility by holding her elemental skill. In this article, we’ll take a brief and basic look at her kit and gameplay mechanics including her constellations.

Kirara’s Kit in Genshin Impact 3.7

Her Normal Attacks do as much damage as your pet cat so there’s nothing to worry about. Her Elemental Skill has a ‘tap’ and ‘hold’ version. If you just tap you get a normal Dendro shield which in comparison to other shields in her 4-star competition is actually quite weak. That said her shield can stack up to 3 times and the best way to achieve that is by holding her E skill, turning into a box and hitting enemies with it 3 times. 

In her ‘hold’ form she gets into a box as all cats do. In this form, she can also roll around like Sayu and climb walls- at the same speed. She’s the first unit to make climbing this easier. In this form, her shield also applies Dendro to any enemies it comes into contact with and deals about as much damage as you would expect a cardboard box to do. This is the part where you’ll need to quick-swap her in and roll around the battlefield a bit to get all stacks of her shield which now becomes actually one of the strongest among all the 4-stars.

Her elemental burst allows her to throw a large package that explodes into smaller ones in a medium-sized AoE, dealing Dendro damage to enemies that come into contact with them. These act like Dendro bombs and can be pulled up by Kazuha, Sucrose and Venti- similar to Klee or Aloy’s bombs. These Dendro bombs are where her real damage comes from- it isn’t as much as you’d expect from a DPS but they are significant numbers. They also apply Dendro to enemies thus setting you up for more reactions.

One of her passives increases a bit of her damage based on her Max HP- though this is a very small amount and thus barely noticeable. Her other passive allows you to sneak up on cute small animals like birds and boars in the overworld. Just as you would expect from a cat, she’s an apex predator.

Kirara’s Constellations

On the topic of her constellations, her C1 basically increases the number of Dendro bombs she can create in her Elemental Burst based on her Max HP. She can only make up to 4 extra bombs this way- thereby slightly increasing her damage output. Her C2 is purely co-op based as she gives a budget shield to whichever teammate she comes into contact with in the boxed state of her E skill.

Her C4 allows her to deal a coordinated Dendro attack every time a character protected by her shield deals Normal, Charged or Plunging Attack damage. This can only be triggered every 3.8 seconds and the damage scales on her ATK so it’s not that much and is only viable for Bloom and Quicken teams. Her C6 gives a flat 12% All Elemental DMG increase to all her teammates for 15s after Kirara uses her skill or burst.

Kirara is a solid functional unit at C0 and her constellations, including that of C6 aren’t worth spending extra for because even her C6 only effectively gives a total of 5% total damage increase to the party. Getting one catgirl is enough unless you play a lot of co-op in which case you’d need at least two more catgirls for a C2 co-op support Kirara.

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