Kirara: First Impressions in Genshin Impact Version 3.7

Amay De
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Kirara is the latest 4-star in Genshin Impact Version 3.7 and she’s a Nekomata or a catgirl in Teyvat. She is a courier for Komaniya Express, a delivery company in Inazuma. She’s cute, quick, resourceful and is already being hailed as one of the best 4-star characters to come out in recent times. Her reception is as positive as that of Yaoyao who’s a 4-star Dendro healer and for those who consider themselves too chad to be healing, Kirara is for you because she’s a very strong Dendro shielder. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss her role in Dendro comps, her general kit and gameplay, her additional perks and finally if she’s worth your primogems. 

What Kirara Is All About in Genshin Impact 3.7

Kirara’s main role is a support who creates shields that scale with her HP and increase her movement and climbing speed. She is a versatile and agile character who can protect and assist her teammates in combat and exploration. 

Her elemental skill has two forms: hold and tap. If you ‘tap’ then she just gives you a quick shield that is comparable to Diona’s shield- though not always directly stronger. This means the shield can tank 2-4 normal hits from enemies before collapsing. Kirara’s shield can however be stacked and with each stack, the shield gets stronger. 

In the ‘hold’ form of her skill, she turns into a box and gains bonus Movement SPD which also applies to Climbing. In this form, she can roll across all she wants similar to Sayu but additionally she can also climb in this form almost just as quickly. Of course, this form has its duration and when it ends you return to your normal form and the shield still remains. When you hit enemies in your box form you also apply Dendro to them in a very small AoE.

Kirara’s elemental burst is similar to Aloy’s in the sense that she explodes and scatters a bunch of Dendro bombs across a medium-sized AoE and these bombs explode when they come into contact with enemies- dealing damage and applying Dendro in the process.

She’s a great unit for the overworld due to her exploration abilities and this is not just because of her E skill. Her passive talent also allows her to sneak up on small animals and creatures like birds and boars. 

In combat, she’s a very reliable shielder with short E skill cooldown which means you can get your shield back soon after you lose it or maybe even immediately. Her Dendro application is not the best on her own but if you use her box form and scutter across the arena touching multiple enemies then she applies Dendro to all of them. She fits into most Dendro comps comfortably so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting her the right teammates.

Overall, in conclusion, Kirara’s a very QoL (quality-of-life) character that will make playing the game easy and her unique charm and box form will also add enjoyment to your gameplay experience. She’s thus worth every primogem and resource if you decide to pull for her and build her.

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