Importance of Sleep in V Rising Explained

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V Rising is a vampire survival game where players become a vampire who has woken up from sleep after the Centuries and want to establish his power. Usually, sleeping plays a crucial role in survival games as it sometimes helps players heal themselves, and at night, if you sleep, you’ll be saved from the enemies’ attacks. Being a survival game, V Rising also has a sleeping mechanism available, and this guide will help you know how it works in V Rising.

Sleeping Feature in V Rising – How it Works?

If you have played survival games before, you know the sleeping mechanism. But in V Rising, where the Vampire awakened from the death-like slumber after so many years, the sleeping mechanism may work differently. 

In V Rising, players need to use coffins to sleep. But, to be precise, sleeping has no particular importance currently. It neither helps you pass the time quickly like other games nor help you heal yourself. In games like Minecraft, night passes soon if you sleep, but it’s not the case here. In V Rising, time passes typically in its own way. 

In V Rising, if you sleep inside a coffin, it can save you from sun damage while outside. Though there are a lot of other ways available to prevent sun damage in the game, you can add it as another way. Another importance of sleeping is it will make you safe if you sleep inside a coffin. No one can hurt you inside a coffin. Therefore, when enemies chase you, you can go inside a coffin to save yourself as they won’t bother you anymore. This is probably, the only importance of sleeping.

In the beginning, players used to say that sleeping inside a coffin would help the players pause the game. But it’s not at all true. There has been no way to pause V Rising until now. Sleeping inside a coffin never pauses the game. You can rest inside it during the daytime, but it doesn’t pause the game.

That’s all you need to know about the importance of sleeping in V Rising. Currently, Sleep is not at all an important feature, but maybe the developers will modify this feature to make it an important one in the future. However, that’s only an assumption because the developers have not stated anything related to this Sleeping mechanism. If you are curious to know how Sleep works in V Rising, check out our guide to get help.

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