How to Watch Valorant Replays Easily

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Most E-Sport games come with their game recorder inbuilt, but unfortunately, Valorant is not one of them. Most players opt for a third-party recorder that will help them upload the game replay to social media. Here we will see some ways where you can get your Valorant Replays, so you can use it to compare it with your friends.

How to Watch Valorant Replays

As mentioned above, Valorant itself does not have any replay feature like most games. Fans of the multiplayer tactical shooter have voiced their concerns, and Riot Games have confirmed that the Replay feature is in its early stages of development. Up to this point, there is still no news of any new update that will implement this.

If you are still itching to know how well you fared in your game and what you can do to improve, here is one way you can watch your game replay, that is, using a third-party operator.

Nvidia has its Instant Replay, which you can use to capture your Valorant gameplay. You can adjust the capture time, resolution, video quality, and bit rate however you wish for in the settings.

  • After loading the game, press ALT+Z to bring out overlay
  • If it doesn’t show up, go to the GeForce experience, click the gear icon on the top right, scroll down till you see In-Game Overlay, and turn it on.
  • Choose Instant Replay, then go to the settings and you can adjust the replay length.
  • Press Save

Your Instant Replay will work for the game now. If you want to check your replay, use ALT+F10 or change the shortcut according to how you wish in the overlay settings. For an AMD GPU, you can try Action and Medal. TV. If you do not have this option on your PC at all, there are various screen recorders available online that you can download and install for free.

Even though Riot Games has acknowledged the need for an inbuilt game recorder, it is still under works, but they have assured fans that it will be out sooner than later.

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