Fix Valorant Error Code 31

Fix Valorant Error Code 31

Valorant has a range of errors that can pop-up during launch or amidst a play. There is nothing more frustrating when an error spoils your winning streak. And we are just realizing the error lists expands much further than the ones listed on the official website. So far, we have counted the error codes to go up to code 138, but the website lists only 64 up to this point. Fortunately, the Valorant error code 31 is among the listed errors on the website and has a quite effective solution.

As described on the Valorant support website, the error 31 means “Failed to get player name information.” The solution suggested is to restart the client. While this is an effective fix and it did fix the error for a lot if users. There are several other users who have reported the fix to be ineffective. That’s nothing unusual, most errors in games never have a universal fix. The system and configuration of users vary, so the cause of the error can vary.

One thing we know about this error is that it occurs as your player name information cannot be retrieved. Therefore, the game cannot log you in. Some users have also claimed that the error can pop when there is a server problem for a particular region. In such a case, you can check if your friends are having the same or any other error that’s preventing them from playing.

So, if you have encounter the Valorant error code 31, you must first restart the client. If that not does not help, you should restart the system. If the error continues, you can try some fixes that have worked for other users.  

Fix 1: Delete Temp Files

You can either delete the temp files manually or use any number of tools available online. Here are the steps you can follow to clear the temporary files for PC.

  1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing on Windows Key + R
  2. Type %temp% in the field and hit Enter
  3. Press Ctrl + A and hit Delete (if you cannot delete some files, let them be and close the Window)
  4. Again, press Windows Key + R and type temp, hit Enter
  5. When prompted provide the permission. Delete everything in this folder as well.
  6. Again, press Windows Key + R and type prefetch, hit Enter
  7. Press Ctrl + A to select everything and hit the Delete key (skip files that do not delete)

After you are done with the above three processes, empty the Recycle Bin.

Fix 2: Check the Servers

If the problem is encountered by a lot of players in your region, it could possibly be a server issue. The error code 31 sometimes resolves on its own. So, you should ensure that other people in your region are not having the same error. For this you can visit the Twitter handle of Valorant, check their website or visit a third-part website such as downdetector to verify the status of the server in your region.   

Fix 3: Try Using a VPN

It does not take much time to download a VPN, so it’s worth a shot to try launching the game after enabling a VPN service. Now, I do not suggest you purchase a VPN for this purpose because you only need it this one time and it may be a waste of money. I am personally not a big fan of VPNs (for security reasons). Here is a post we did on the best free VPNs. You can choose one and use their trial for this purpose. We suggest you go with ExpressVPN.

Fix 4: Reinstall Vanguard

If none of the above fix has resolved the error, you may try and reinstall Vanguard. More often than not, we have observed that error in Valorant occurs due to Vanguard. Hence, uninstall it like a regular program from Windows Apps & features. The next time you launch the Valorant client, the Vanguard will download automatically. Once it’s download, the game will prompt to restart. Do that and check if the Valorant error code 31 still appears.

If nothing has worked to resolve the error, your last hope is the Valorant support. In our experience, they are very responsive and will provide some help with your problem. Due to Covid-19, there may be some delay but you should get help from them.   

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