How to Use Lightning Balls in Muck

How to Use Lightning Balls in Muck

Muck is the fantastic free multiplayer new game recently launched on the Steam platform. The main goal of this game is to survive by collecting resources and crafting tools. In the gameplay, when you start facing some of the major enemies, you will start finding a few rare items. Lightning Balls is one of the items that many players don’t know how it works and how to use. Earlier, it was guessed that the developer hasn’t implemented the game. But, we have gone through several Steam discussions and we can finally answer how to use Lightning Balls in Muck.

How to Use Lightning Balls in Muck

In the game of Muck, there are 4 different elemental ball items that you can obtain from some particular enemies and the Lightning Ball is one of them which you can use as an arrow and shoot it. Simply, you need to put them on arrows while shooting using your bow for added damage. That’s easy and simple!

If you have no idea, how to use a Bow in Muck, here is a quick guide. Set up your Bow in the hotkey bar so you can easily use it as a weapon. After that, open your inventory and take your arrows to the arrow slot which you can find near the helmet slot. Once you set up your arrows here, you can then start shooting your bow.

Apart from Lightning Balls, the other remaining ball types are Wind, Fire, and Frost. You can acquire the Fire, Frost, and Lightning Ball from Dave variants. For those players who don’t know what is Dave, it is a giant raptor-like enemy. And for Wind Ball, you will get from Wyverns. Other rare items you can get from Wyverns are the Wyvern Dagger and Wyvern Claws.

That’s all for this guide on How to Use Lightning Balls in Muck.

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