How to Use Bolt Cutters in Sniper Elite 5

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Rebellion Developments’ newest tactical shooter video game Sniper Elite 5 released on 26th May, and has already received positive feedback from players. As a third-person shooter, the game has plenty of missions that players can complete with the many different types of weapons. This guide will take you through the process of how to use bolt cutters in Sniper Elite 5.

Using Bolt Cutters in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 allows you to use your creativity to solve the missions, instead of being a mindless headhunting game. It has a variety of unconventional tricks embedded into the gameplay that players love exploring. In fact, exploring plays a significant role in the game.

You will often need to break into buildings in order to complete your mission, which requires you to collect some tools to help yourself. One of these is the bolt cutter, which will be made available to you on the game map if you require it during the mission. If you’re looking for how to find bolt cutters in the game, you can check out the guide below.

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There are often some locked spaces such as rooms or chests in the game which you need the bolt cutters for, so that you can grab the valuable items inside. Once you have a bolt cutter, you can use them to open it. Every map has locations with bolt cutters on them, usually near workbenches so that you can find them easily.

In order to use these bolt cutters, you will need to approach a locked door. These are usually guarded with a padlock that you can cut with your tool to gain entry into the room. Use the bolt cutter from your inventory when you are prompted to pick the lock, break it, or use the bolt cutter.

Note that using the bolt cutter will create a large amount of noise, attracting the attention of any enemies who might be nearby.

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