How to Complete Kill Challenge: Occupied Residence in Sniper Elite 5

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With the launch of the new tactical shooter game Sniper Elite 5, players have been completing missions and winning weapons in order to complete the game, however, some missions might prove to be a challenge. This guide will take you through the process of how to complete the Occupied Residence kill challenge in Sniper Elite 5.

How to Complete the Occupied Residence Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5

At the Occupied Residence, you will need to eliminate the character of kill Friedrich Kummler, the mastermind behind Operation Kraken. You will need to infiltrate the chateau and take him out.

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You can enter the chateau through the cellar, which is accessible through the moat. There are multiple ways to enter, but this is one of the ways where you will not be spotted.

You will need to clear out the cellar of enemies and loot before proceeding to the next area, which is the ballroom on the floor above. This is where your target Friedrich Kummler will be waiting for you, and killing him will be essential to completing this mission. 

Once you have cleared the cellar, you can head towards the ballroom. There are multiple ways to kill Friedrich, as you can shoot him directly with a sniper rifle—or, you could make his death look like an accident. To achieve this, you will need to look upwards at the chandelier on the ceiling. This is the perfect opportunity to shoot the ceiling decoration and let it drop on Kummler’s head, killing him in an instant.

However, in order to achieve this, there are some steps that you need to take. You will need to wait for Kummler to be standing right below the chandelier, or the plan won’t work. There is a chance of you throwing a bottle into the center of the room in order to lure him in. When he bends down to investigate the bottle, you can shoot at the hook of the chandelier to let it fall on top of him, crushing the man in the process.

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