How to Unlock Wooden Spikes in Valheim | How to Get Sharp Stakes

You must have seen players using the wooden spike in Valheim to create a defensive parameter or to damage mobs. You may want to get one for your own complex in Valheim. Building a house is not sufficient in the game, you need to create objects and mechanics to defend it from mobs that constantly seem to attacks structures created by you, especially in the Black Forest and the Plains. The Wooden Spikes deal a damage of 20 when a mob comes in contact and are a great way of adding a defensive parameter to your home. Here is how to unlock Wooden Spikes in Valheim.

How to Get Wooden Spikes/ Sharp Stakes in Valheim

Sharp Stakes is the name given to the wooden spikes in Valheim. It deals damage and knockback to any creature that comes in its contact including players. Like all the building structures, it requires the workbench to build. The resources required are very basic; hence, you can get the Sharp Spikes quite early in the game to build a defensive parameter.

To craft the Sharp Spikes in Valheim, you require crafting resources such as 6 Wood and 4 Core Wood.

Sharp Stakes in Valheim

When you destroy any item in the game with the hammer, you can get back the resources, but that’s not the case with the wooden spikes. You will lose the material. Overtime, as mobs come in contact with the spikes its durability will reduce so you constantly need to check the parameter for weak spikes and replace them. Fortunately, both the Wood and Core Wood are easy to come by and plenty in the starting biomes of the game.

The Wooden Spikes unlocks in the Workbench crafting menu after you acquire Core Wood in the game. Core Wood can be obtained from Pine Trees that are in plenty in the Black Forest.

If you do not have sufficient amount of resources to create a parameter, you can use them in places where mobs are most likely to approach such as bottlenecks. They deal a good amount of damage to low level mobs. While the Wooden Spikes don’t deal as much damage to the stronger mobs in later biomes, they do create resistance and make the mobs search for another way around the spikes.

This is how you unlock the wooden spikes or sharp stakes and create a defensive parameter in Valheim.

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