How to Unlock Bounty Hunts in One Piece Odyssey

 How to Unlock Bounty Hunts in One Piece Odyssey

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s one of the best series, One Piece, has its latest installment, One Piece Odyssey, released a few hours back and has earned massive popularity. Players have been waiting for this game for a long time, and finally, when they get the game, they have jumped into the game to explore every feature. Bounty Hunts are one of the features that players may miss during their journey. So, this guide will help you know how you can unlock the Bounty Hunts in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey Bounty Hunts- How to Get?

Like other action-adventure role-playing games, One Piece Odyssey has one main story along with several side quests and challenges. These are optional, and players can only focus on the main story if they want. It won’t make much difference if you ignore the side quests.

Bounty Hunts are side quests in One Piece Odyssey. Players can find Bounty Boards all over the world. Every town you visit will offer you Bounty Hunts. However, these don’t unlock at the beginning of the game. To unlock this feature, players first need to complete Chapter One and reach Chapter 2. In Chapter 2, Bounty Hunts will be unlocked.

At the beginning of Chapter 2, players appear in the Alabasta Desert. In Alabasta Town, continue with your main story and look for NPCs with blue marks. Among these NPCs, you’ll find the Mediator Marzin. He is a huge man with a white shirt and a blue cloth on his waist. He wears sunglasses and has long hair. Interact with him, and he will tell you about the Bounty Boards inside the Taverns.

One Piece Odyssey Bounty Hunts- How to Get

Next, enter the Tavern, and you’ll find the Bounty Board. Interact with it, and it will present you with the challenges you need to complete. For example, the Alabasta Bounty Hunt wants you to catch Evil Bulbro Dead or Alive. Once you complete this Bounty Hunt, you’ll unlock more Bounty Hunts in the future.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock Bounty Hunts in One Piece Odyssey.


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