How to Get All Achievements and Trophy in One Piece Odyssey

 How to Get All Achievements and Trophy in One Piece Odyssey

Bandai Namco’s One Piece Odyssey is all set to release on the 13th of January. The game features every member of Straw Hats and new bosses to battle. With many different areas to explore and bosses to fight, players will unlock many achievements and trophies. Here is how to get All Achievements and Trophy in One Piece Odyssey.

All Achievements and Trophy in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey has a new attack called Bond Arts which needs to be unlocked by exploring and clearing additional quests. With this many things to do, there will be a lot of achievements to unlock. One Piece Odyssey has a total of 51 achievements and trophies to unlock. Achievements are also categorised into different ranks- Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Here is the list of all 51 achievements and trophies in the game:

  1. Odyssey master (platinum)– the mark of a true adventure
  2. High Leveler (gold)- get everyone to level 70
  3. Challenge enemy Conqueror (gold)– Defeat all the challenger-type enemies at least 2 times or more
  4. Final Chapter Clear (silver)- finish the final chapter
  5. Pit Stop Pro (silver)- Complete all side stories
  6. Bounty Hunter (silver)- Collect and give back all bounties
  7. Certified Fray Fixer (silver)- Complete all memory links
  8. Top Cook (silver)- Made all the recipes
  9. Trick ball Whiz (silver)- Created all trick balls
  10. Treasure Hunter (silver)- Unlock all the locked chests
  11. Challenge Enemy Beginner (silver)- take down a minimum of one challenge enemy
  12. Battle Master (Silver)- won 300 battles
  13. Chapter 1 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 1
  14. Chapter 2 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 2
  15. Chapter 3 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 3
  16. Chapter 4 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 4
  17. Chapter 5 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 5
  18. Chapter 6 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 6
  19. Chapter 7 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 7
  20. Chapter 8 clear (bronze)- clear chapter 8
  21. Journeyman Cook (bronze)- made 10 recipes
  22. Journeyman Hunter (bronze)- turn in 10 bounties
  23. Trick ball Beginner (bronze)- Make 10 trick balls
  24. Craft Enthusiast (bronze)- crafted 5 accessories
  25. Chasing Champion (bronze)- fused 30 accessories
  26. Jewelry Master (bronze)- craft an accessory having 4 effects
  27. I smell an Adventure (bronze)- finished 10 side stories
  28. Fixed a Fray (bronze)- cleared 5 memory links
  29. Party Animal (bronze)- had 30 parties
  30. Collector (bronze)- collected 99 Yaya cubes
  31. Cube Collector: Luffy (bronze)- collect 50 Luffy cube fragments 
  32. Cube Collector: Zoro (bronze)- collect 50 Zoro cube fragments
  33. Cube Collector: Nami (bronze)- collect 30 Nami cube fragments 
  34. Cube Collector: Usopp (bronze)- collect 40 Usopp cube fragments 
  35. Cube Collector: Sanji (bronze)- collect 40 Sanji cube fragments
  36. Cube Collector: Chopper (bronze)– collect 30 Copper fragments 
  37. Cube Collector: Robin (bronze)- collect 30 Robin cube fragments 
  38. Cube Collector: Franky (bronze)- collect 20 Franky cube fragments 
  39. Cube Collector: Brook (bronze)- collect 6 Brook cube fragments
  40. Savings Savant (bronze)- find 20,000,000 berries
  41. Bond battler (bronze)- begin 20 bond arts 
  42. Singular Strike (bronze)- Inflict more than 10k damage on an enemy via a single attack
  43. Gum-Gum Rocket (bronze)- travel with Gum-Gum rocket 100 times
  44. Iron Door Slicer (bronze)- Unlock 20 doors using Zoro’s door slice
  45. Usopp’s Slingshot (bronze)- make use of Usopp’s slingshot 100 times
  46. Archaeologist’s Appraisal (bronze)- use Robin to acquire 20 items with archaeologist’s appraisal
  47. Cook’s nose (bronze)- use Sanji to collect 25 items with Cook’s nose
  48. Treasure Sensor (bronze)- use Nami to gather 25 items with a treasure sensor
  49. Franky Skywalk (bronze)- Construct a bridge 10 times via the Franky skywalk
  50. Victor (bronze)- emerges victorious across 50 battles
  51. Escape is Victory (bronze)– You will have to escape from 3 battles

It is still not clear what and how much rewards each achievement will provide. The rank of achievement will give different amounts of rewards is also not clear but it should give rewards based on how high the rank of the achievement will be.

These are all the achievements and trophies, players need to unlock while playing One Piece Odyssey. 

If you find this achievement guide for the One Piece Odyssey helpful, you can check other guides for the One Piece Odyssey on our website as well.

Shubham Chaurasia

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