One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending- Explained

 One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending- Explained

One Piece Odyssey was released a few hours back, and players have been grinding through the game to explore everything. The popularity One Piece Odyssey has earned within a day is beyond expectations; both the players and critics are overwhelmed by this game. However, nowadays, games generally have secret endings, so players have been curious about whether One Piece Odyssey also has Secret Ending or not.

How to Unlock One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending?

One Piece Odyssey is one of the best and most awaited games of this year, and since the game was released, players have jumped into it to experience the adventure with Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew. However, like other games, players are excited to know whether this game also has any secret ending or not because the secret endings sometimes give hints of a sequel.

Well, if you have been playing the game and looking for an in-game path leading you to the secret ending, there isn’t any. The secret ending of One Piece Odyssey comes after you beat the game and goes through the entire credit section. So, be patient and wait for the credits to end. Next, you’ll see your screen turns black for a moment, and two or three lines appear. After that, the secret ending will begin.

The secret ending scene shows you Lim closing a book in Adio’s hut. If you have reached the final scene of the game, you are aware that Adio is the final enemy you have to defeat in the game, and after you defeat him, the game closes with a cut scene. So, in the secret ending scene, you’ll see Lim is still in Adio’s house while the Red-Eye Lim comes and asks her out because someone is looking for her. Lim goes out, and the glow on her face reveals that the person who comes to meet her is Adio. The person is not shown, and the game ends there. This makes the players think that there will probably be a sequel to this game where they can see Adio again.

How to Unlock One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending?
How to Unlock One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending

This scene comes after the credit section, so it is more suitable to call it a Post-credit scene than a secret ending. However, this scene is open to all, and you don’t need to put in any extra effort or choose exceptional paths to reach this ending. Beating the game will automatically unlock this scene for all.

That’s all you need to know about the secret ending of One Piece Odyssey, and based on the popularity the game has received within a day, it is possible that the developers will think of bringing a sequel to the game.


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