How To Get Vampire Horse in V Rising

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V Rising is one of the most popular vampire survival games of 2022. Players have enjoyed the gameplay because of its unique theme, where they can experience the life of a vampire who has awakened from his deep slumber after centuries. While exploring the vast in-game world, you may feel lonely, so the latest update has brought a companion for the Vampires- Vampire Horse. If you are unsure of how to get it, this guide will help you with the unlocking process.

Vampire Horse Unlocking Process in V Rising- How to Get?

V Rising is one of the most-played survival games of the previous year, and the developers have brought a new expansion almost after a new year with multiple new features and content. If you have played the original game, you have probably seen horses, but the new expansion has brought a new mount called- Vampire Horse. This mount is not unlocked from the beginning of the game. Instead, players must unlock the Vampire Horse during the game.

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Before we proceed further, let me clear, Vampire Horse is not a new creature added. Players must transform a regular horse into a Vampire Horse using the Dominate Mount ability. This is the ability you need to unlock to get a Vampire Horse.

To unlock this particular ability, players need to progress through the main story and complete the Journal Quest named A Castle Reaching the Sky. This quest is pretty simple. It required you to upgrade your Castle heart to level 4. Players need to get 1 Gold Ingot, 24 Dark Silver Ingot, and 12 Spectral Dust to upgrade their Castle Heart to level 4.

Vampire Horse Unlocking Process in V Rising- How to Get?

Once the Dominate Mount ability is unlocked, find a horse. Horses are pretty common in Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills. Players can roam in these areas to get one horse and then use their newly achieved ability to transform it into a Vampire Horse. The Vampire Horse is an undead mount that requires no food or water. As undead mounts, Vampire Horses can be easily revived.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Vampire Horse in V Rising.

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