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How to Get to Eir in God of War

How to Get to Eir in God of War

In God of War, players find some optional missions like Valkyrie fights. Valkyries are the optional bosses in the God of War that you can ignore if you want to. There are a total of 9 Valkyries present in the game, and Eir is one of them. If you choose to fight with Valkyries and are looking for the location of Eir, this guide will help you know how to get to her.

Location of Valkyrie Eir in God of War

Eir can be found inside the hidden chamber in The Heart of The Mountain. In The Mountain, as players will proceed, they will find a golden chain leading them to another group of tunnels. Climb up the chain and walk through a narrow way to reach a big locked door. Activate the switch to open the door, and players will be in another Cavern. On the right side of this Cavern, players will get the Hidden Chamber. These Hidden Chambers are not something Kratos can break and open by his Axe. Therefore, players need the Magic Chisel to open the Hidden Chambers.

Eir is a powerful opponent whom you can’t defeat easily. Sometimes it may take two or three chances to beat her. Eir generally covers herself with her wings, and she uses it as a shield. Players have to break her shield first. You can use the Runic attack to do it. Now, if players attack her two consecutive times, she will also counter-attack the player with a deadly blow.

While fighting with Eir, remember not to be in a corner; always try to be in a spot where you can dodge and evade her deadly explosions. Then, when she flies over and attacks you with her unblockable explosion, let Atreus shoot it with his shock arrow. If you fail to avoid it, it will kill you immediately.

This will be a time-taking fight. You have to avoid and protect yourselves from her deadly attacks and wait for her to make make a mistake and give you an opportunity to take her down.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to Eir and fight with her in God of War. If you are looking for Eir’s location, check out our guide to get her location and how to get to her.

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