How to Get the Factory Admin Key in DMZ Warzone 2

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In COD, locked doors are common, and players must find respective keys to open these locked doors. Warzone 2 Season 3 has received a new update and introduced new locations, quests, etc., to the game. The Factory Admin Door is a part of the newly introduced area Koschei Complex. If you have been trying to unlock the Factory Admin Door and explore what’s inside, you must find the key. So, this guide will help you know how to get the key of the Factory Admin Door in DMZ Warzone 2.

Factory Admin Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2- Where to Find?

Warzone 2 DMZ is one of the most played games in recent times. Since the DMZ mode was launched, players have loved the faction missions, and they dived into the mode to complete them. As you roam around the maps of Warzone 2 DMZ, you will see multiple locked doors at different locations which can’t be opened without a key. So, finding keys has always been one of the vital tasks of the players.

The latest update has brought a new location named Koschei Complex. It is a separate explorable location beneath Al Mazrah. As a newly added location, Koschei Complex has numerous hidden items that must be explored, but the tricky part is that the location has several locked doors that must be opened using respective keys. The Factory Admin door is one of them.

If you have been looking for the Factory Admin Door key, let me tell you keys can be found randomly. There are no specific locations to get keys, so there are a few ways to get the Factory Admin Door key-

Factory Admin Key Location in DMZ Warzone 2- Where to Find
  1. You can get the key by searching the surrounding area of Koschei Complex. Go to the center of the Chemical Plant, and you will find the Factory Admin key inside a vent. However, it may not be there every time. In that case, scour the surrounding area.
  2. Finally, there’s a chance that the enemy squad has picked up the key. Therefore, eliminating the enemy squad also helps you get the key.

You can’t craft the Factory Admin Key but can purchase it from Buy Stations. However, there’s a problem the Buy Station is located inside the Factory Admin. So you can’t access it before you unlock the door.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Factory Admin Key in Warzone 2  DMZ. Once you get the key, unlock the Factory Admin zone, and there are plenty of things to explore. 

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