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The Warzone 2 Call of Duty game has finally arrived after months of anticipation. While it shares many similarities with its predecessor – namely a huge assortment of assault rifles – it has many new features and content as well. It can be challenging to pick between all these different guns in Warzone 2 when it comes to dealing with the toughest defenses of enemies.

In Warzone 2, you can give yourself an edge against more powerful opponents by choosing the best weapons. Choosing the right weapon can be difficult since there are hundreds of firearms available. Let’s see in this guide the best weapon tier list in Warzone 2.

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Best Weapon Tier List

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2, several different weapons are available for players. Here is the full tier list ranking these weapons according to strength – Tier S being the most powerful and Tier D being the weakest.

S-TierThere is no doubt that this tier of weapons represents the most popular weapon choice of competitive players. These guns offer unparalleled power and are tried and true.TAQ-56
STB 556
Kastov 74U
Lachmann Sub
A-TierWhen it comes down to fighting two people of equal skill, these guns are not as good as those in the S tier.Kastov 762
Bryson 890
SP-X 80
SP-R 208
B-TierMid-tier weapons are still usable, but you’ll need the right attachments to use them effectively against higher-level weapons.Chimera
Expedite 12
556 Icarus
FSS Hurricane
C-TierAttachments can assist in reducing the need for weapons at this point, but most of them serve a visual or personal preference purpose. It is advised to rely sparingly on them since they will lose a lot of bouts if you rely primarily on them. Some players pull off some wonderful techniques with them and absolutely win occasionally, but they should only be used occasionally.Fennec 45
D-TierA weapon of this type should only be used if you possess an attachment and know how to use it; otherwise, having one is pointless.M16
JOKR Launcher

This concludes our guide on the best weapon tier list in Warzone 2. Also, check our other guides for more updates on the game. 

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