How to Get the Clawmark Seal in Elden Ring

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Seals are useful items in Elden Ring that require a certain amount of Faith to use. If you’re planning to use some of the more advanced Seals in the game, you should work on getting your Faith up. This guide will take you through the process of how to get the Clawmark Seal in Elden Ring.

Where to Find the Clawmark Seal in Elden Ring

One of the first seals that you can get in the game is the Clawmark Seal, but it’s still pretty useful. You can use it without having too much Faith, as it requires only 10 Faith to use. It has the bonus of increasing damage of bestial incantations that you use on your enemies.

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The good thing about this item is that you don’t need to raise your Faith level to use it, but it’s just as effective. The incantations that will be boosted by this Seal are the Beast Claw, Bestial Sling, and Bestial Vitality, as well as some others. 

To get this item, make your way to the Caelid region which is located on the eastern side of Limgrave and the Mistwood, where the ground is slightly redder than usual. Once you have reached this area, you will need to head to the northeastern end of this region, where you will find Beast Clergyman Gurranq. This is a long path, so make sure to prepare well. 

Alternatively, you can use the warping stone behind the Third Church of Marika in the Mistwood once you have unlocked it. You will also need some Deathroot with you, which you can collect from a Mariner boss in the small village in northeastern Limgrave which is called Summonwater Village. When you have the Deathroot, you will need to give it to Gurranq in order to get the Clawmark Seal in return.

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