Where to Find Gurranq in Elden Ring

 Where to Find Gurranq in Elden Ring

RPG Elden Ring lets players delve into the realm of Lands Between, where there are several NPCs who are beneficial to them in the completion of the main story mission, and they should be looking for these characters while fighting monsters to take their loot in the epic quest of becoming the Elden Lord. This guide will take you through the process of how to find the NPC called Gurranq in Elden Ring.

How to Complete Gurranq‘s Quest in Elden Ring

To find Gurranq, you will need to get to the Bestial Sanctum in Northeast Dragonbarrow. The road to this area is perilous, so you must be on your guard to dodge enemies. Take Torrent to be riding on horseback as this will help you in reaching your destination faster and not be sidetracked by monsters. You should start heading north from the Summonwater Village after speaking with Deathroot from D, Hunter of the Dead.

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As per your interaction with D, they will tell you how to find Gurranq the Beast Clergyman who is a fearsome NPC. You will find him on the northwestern side of Lenne’s Rise. In case you’ve already defeated Tibia Mariner, his quest will be faster as you will need to give him Deathroot to get weapons and abilities in return.

You can use the teleporter that is just northeast of the Third Church of Marika in East Limgrave to get to the Bestial Sanctum, and find Gurranq after defeating the boss that guards it, the Black Blade Kindred. Once you’ve defeated them, you should be able to find Gurranq and initiate a conversation with him.

To learn powerful incantations from him, you will need to have Deathroot. Once you give him above a certain amount, Gurranq will become feral at your next visit and try to attack you. You will need to subdue him in order to keep getting gear from him.

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