How to Get Sons of The Forest Item Duplication Glitch Exploit

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Sons of the Forest is one of the latest survival horror games of 2023. Though it is still in early access, players have already jumped into the game to explore all the possible features. However, while playing the game, one glitch that players have discovered and exploited a lot is the duplication glitch. If you are unaware of how to duplicate items in Sons of the Forest, this guide will help you with the process.

How Can I Duplicate Items in Sons of the Forest? Exploit the Glitch

The Sons of the Forest has become one of the most-played games on Steam for the last few days. Globally this game received more popularity than expected. However, this game is not yet completed, and there will be things that developers will change before the game officially releases.

If you have been playing the early access of Sons of the Forest, you have probably heard of the duplication glitch. This glitch helps players to get similar items multiple times from the exact location. So, for the items you want more and which are a little rare, you can get them enough by exploiting the glitch.

Now, let’s check how this glitch works. Suppose you have entered a cave and looted lots of items from there. Now, come out of the cave safely with the items, and either get back to your base camp or make a temporary camp near the cave to save the game. Once your game is saved, quit and come to the Main game Screen.

How Can I Duplicate Items in Sons of the Forest? Exploit the Glitch

From the game home screen, select the last save you made and start playing the game from that point. You will again get back to the location you saved your game, and now, if you enter the cave again, you’ll find the same items from the cave while the previously looted items are already in your inventory. You can repeat this process several times; it works for the caves, suitcases, and everywhere you get loot from.

That’s all you need to know about how to use the Sons of the Forest item Duplication Glitch.

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