How to Get Awakened Dough in Blox Fruits

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

There are many fruits in Blox Fruits and all of them have their own Awakening and their awakening process. Dough Fruit is a mythical elemental-type blox fruit and has its own way of getting awakened but the chance of obtaining the fruit is hard as it has a 1.34% spawn chance and cost 2,800,000 coins or 2400 Roblux. This guide will help you get the awakening for the dough blox fruit. 

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How to get awakened Dough fruit in Blox Fruits?

In order to awaken the Dough fruit, players need to follow these steps: 

  1. Players need to collect God Chalice and Conjured Cocoa  before going for the Awakening
  2. Players then need to make their way to the Sea of Treats and talk to NPC called sweet crafter. He will exchange the God Chalice and Conjured Cocoa for a cake Chalice 
  3. Then go to the cake island and find the NOC called Drip mama and he will give the task of killing 500 enemies
  4. After killing the 500 enemies and go back to Drip mama and talk to him. 
  1. After the interaction, a door to the demon king will appear and there, players will find the Dough king
  2. Players need to defeat the Dough king and get the red key
  3. After defeating the Dough king and getting the red key, go to Cake island and find the NPC called Cake Scientist who will give you the Dough Microchip in exchange for 1000 fragments
  1. After getting the Dough Microchip, simply go to the Sea landmark and complete the Dough raid. 
  2. After clearing it, players will get the Dough fruit upgrade for 500 fragments.

This is how you can awaken the Dough fruits in Blox fruit. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides on Blox Fruit and various other games. 

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