Blox Fruits: How to Get Scrap Metal

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Blox Fruits is a game that is based on the anime One Piece. And if you play Blox Fruits, you have to be familiar with One Piece, one of the longest going anime and also one of the Big Three of Shonen. With characters like Luffy, Zoro, Nami and many others, this anime has soared to the top of the charts, alongside its manga. This is exactly why Blox Fruits, a game that is based on the same anime, has been very popular for quite a long time, exactly like it’s father. 

So with that being said, one of the core components, irrespective of how easy to obtain it is ingame, is Scrap Metal. From crafting weapons to updates, it comes in handy for everything. So how do you go about obtaining this seemingly common but very precious ingredient?

Blox Fruits: How to Get Scrap Metal 

Location Scrap Metal ( Valuable ) Blox Fruit Update 17.3 - YouTube

Scrap Metal is a resource that can be found in all oceans as a drop from different NPCs that resemble pirates or bandits. 

Materials | Blox Fruits Wiki | Fandom

It looks like various metals, including corroded metal, screws, microchips, bolts, and springs.

It can be used to upgrade a number of items:

  • Serpent Bow (10).
  • Refined Flintlock (10).
  • Refined Musket (10).
  • Refined Slingshot (10).
  • Hallow Scythe (25).
  • Cursed Dual Katana (60)
  • Dark Dagger (10).
  • Midnight Blade (15).
  • Pole (1st Form) (20).
  • Pole (2nd Form) (12).
  • Rengoku (15).
  • Saber (10).
  • Spikey Trident (25).
  • Gravity Cane (10).
  • Jitte (15).
  • Longsword (10).
  • Pipe (10).
  • Trident (20).
  • Triple Katana (15).

It is not difficult to find this information. Killing specific NPCs during a pirate raid at Castle on the Sea in Third Sea will yield this substance. To get this more quickly, it is advised to defeat weaker NPCs like Jungle Pirates, Swan Pirates, and Brutes. 

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