How to Get a Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is one of the most awaited survival horror games of this year. This year only started, and we have already got a few exciting titles and, of course, more to come. Though Sons of the Forest is only in its early access, the complete version is not yet ready; this game has earned massive popularity. However, in a survival horror game, there are lots of items that help players survive, and the Rope Gun is among them. This guide will help you know how to find the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location- Where to Find?

If you have played The Forest, you are probably excited about the sequel- Sons of the Forest. This game is currently available in its early access, and players have jumped into the game to explore the gameplay. In Survival horror games, weapons play a vital role. However, the rope Gun is not a weapon in the true sense; it is more like a defense tool. Players can create a zipline with its help and traverse from one location to another. It will help players run away from the Cannibals and other enemies when the situation becomes tricky.

If you have been looking for the Rope Gun, let me tell you, you’ll find it inside a cave not far from where you got the 3D Printer. Let’s check the location first-

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location- Where to Find

Go to the location and enter the cave. This cave is as dark as the other caves, so you must have light throughout. Equip the Flashlight and a weapon as soon as you enter the cave. This will be a long journey inside the cave, and the gun is found almost at the end of the cave. Of course, there will be enemies there whom you can avoid until they attack you. But sometimes, you need to clear your way using time bombs.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location- Where to Find

Locating the gun is indeed challenging as the cave is dark, and the gun is randomly placed in a corner that you can easily miss. So, try to check both sides while proceeding so you don’t miss the Rope Gun box.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.

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