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How to Get a Refund for Battlefield 2042

How to Get a Refund for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is releasing after a few hours and players are excited to play the full version of the game for the first time. However, some players are in a dilemma- after purchasing the game, if they don’t like it then what will they do? Can they ask for a refund? Well, the answer is yes. EA has a great refund policy for its games. If players don’t like the game after purchasing it, they can return the game and get a refund.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail how to get a refund for Battlefield.

How to Refund Battlefield 2042

Purchasing a game costs a lot of money and after that, if you don’t like the game, it is indeed very frustrating. However, you have the option to return the game and get a refund. Go to the EA Refund Page and follow the instruction there to request a refund. Also, if you have pre-ordered the game from PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, visit there and follow the procedure to ask for a refund. If you have bought it from Steam or any other platform, follow their procedure to launch a refund request.

Before you place a refund request for Battlefield 2042, make sure you maintain these refund criteria-

  • You are filing the refund request within 24 hours after the first time launching the game.
  • If you have purchased or pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 but did not open it, you can request a refund within 14 days.
  • You only get refunds two times which means, if you purchase the game 1st time and didn’t like it, you’ll get the refund. The second time also, you’ll get a refund if you return it. But, the third time you won’t get any refund.
  • If you have purchased any in-game currency separately, you won’t get a refund.

That’s all you need to know before you request a refund. If you are also in a dilemma that what if you don’t like the game after you purchase it; don’t worry, if you meet the above criteria, you can ask for a refund. Follow our guide to get the required information.

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    1. This is not true at all. I opened it. Realized it was absolute garbage and requested a refund Immediately within 20 minutes of opening the game and I got jack shit for a refund.

    2. Would like a refund for the game or if there is anything you can do for me.

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